Bluesky – The Twitter killer we’ve been waiting for?

Over the last week or so, a new potential Twitter-killer called Bluesky has emerged and it seems like everyone is talking about it, but very few people actually have been invited into their beta launch.

Fortunately for me, I was invited in on Sunday night. And having spent a little more than a day on the platform, here are my initial thoughts about Bluesky.

It’s almost exactly like Twitter. And that is a good thing.

I spoke with the Wall Street Journal for their story about Bluesky, and this is what I said.

“It’s the closest thing to Twitter that is out there,” said Tim Fullerton, president and CEO of digital marketing agency Fullerton Strategies. “The reality is a lot of people are pretty dismayed at the approach Twitter has been taking over the last six months or so, and have been looking for an alternative that is similar.”

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A lot of the Twitter-like social channels are similar, but have some pretty big differences. Mastodon is tricky to use, Post is more like old Facebook, Spoutible is mainly for progressives, and Truth Social is, well, you know what that is.

Bluesky figured out that Twitter users just want Twitter, but without the dysfunctional leadership, constant harassment, and the complete destruction of the verification process.

People like what they like. And when it’s taken away, they get understandably upset.

In comes Bluesky to give them what they want. Twitter without the noise.

It is not a replacement yet (there is a lot to develop before I’m willing to crown them the Twitter killer)I’m excited to see their platform grow.