Threads Isn’t Twitter. It Has the Potential to Be Better.

Over the weekend, a substantive debate percolated on Threads, Twitter’s biggest competitor. The latest complaint: Several large accounts (with 100,000+ followers) claim their growth has stalled or stopped in the past few weeks. Aaron Rupar of Public Notice fame posted a Thread claiming his follower count has completely stopped despite having a highly engaged audience. For the … Read more

An Insider’s View on What WeWork Was Really Like

Beyond the infamy and borderline lurid headlines was a thoughtful, productive, and inspiring team that forever changed my life and career. The most questions I get about my career? My time at WeWork. “What was WeWork like?” “What was Adam like?” “What happened there during the pandemic?” “Was it really a sham of a company?” … Read more

Building an Authentic, Organic LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is the largest global networking event, and it’s happening 24/7/365. Many people still view LinkedIn as a job search site. While that’s fine (and it is) I think it’s one of the biggest opportunities for both individuals and businesses to increase their brand visibility and drive revenue. But there are also bad-faith actors to … Read more

I Started the First Social Account for a Brand

It was 2006, I was at my second “grown-up” job out of college, and I made my friends join this thing called MySpace.  My experience with the Internet and social media probably sounds familiar to a lot of you. I’m both old enough to remember what the web was like before social media and young … Read more

The State of Influencer Marketing

I hosted a LinkedIn Live with several of industry’s influencer marketing leading experts about the current state of the influencer marketing landscape. In this session, we explored the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the influencer space. Topics include: The changing role of influencers and how their value proposition is evolving. The increasing importance of … Read more

The State of SEO in 2024

In this LinkedIn Live, we explore the profound changes AI is bringing to the world of search engine optimization and what it means for businesses. Our panel of experts includes Tim Fullerton (Founder & CEO, Fullerton Strategies), Ryan Pitcheralle (Chief AI Officer, Libby Inside), and Rachel Parker (Marketing Strategist & Copywriter, Fullerton Strategies). Together, they’ll … Read more

The State of Social Media in 2024

The state of social media is in flux like we have never seen before. In this session we dive into where things stand across all social channels, and what you can expect from them in 2024. The panelists have decades of experience and spend a good amount of time answering questions from the audience. We … Read more

Google is changing search – are you ready?

Google is planning to add SGE (Search Generative Experience) generative AI in search above page results. This will have a profound impact on the organic traffic brands are used to getting traffic from SEO. On our LinkedIn Live last week – we talked about what will happen and what brands can do in this new … Read more

Marketing predictions and more for 2024

Here are some predictions for 2024. Some of these are marketing related and others are just things I think will happen. Let me know what you think! Paid marketing will continue to cost more and drive less results. Companies will turn more and more to organic content as the main focus of their marketing strategies. … Read more

Marketing Management Analytics

Marketing management has evolved into a data-driven discipline. Gone are the days when marketing decisions were made solely on gut feeling and intuition. With the advent of technology and the rise of online marketing channels, businesses now have access to a treasure trove of data that can be harnessed to drive marketing success. This is … Read more