Marketing predictions and more for 2024

Here are some predictions for 2024. Some of these are marketing related and others are just things I think will happen. Let me know what you think!

Paid marketing will continue to cost more and drive less results. Companies will turn more and more to organic content as the main focus of their marketing strategies.

Twitter won’t die, but it will continue its rapid decent into the ground. The 2024 elections likely keep it going longer than any of us would like, but post November, ad revenue will be close to zero. Elon will either need to sell to private equity or declare bankruptcy.

Threads will become the main rival to Twitter. More and more people are moving to the platform and none of the other Twitter competitors come close in terms of ability to scale or existing user base.

Less growth hack nonsense and more authentic content on LinkedIn. The days of the growth hacker are numbered. People are frustrated by their over simplification of complex issues and attention will turn to creators who speak authentically to their audience.

Companies that support remote work will be the ones who attract and retain top talent. Companies that force return to work will continue to strugger.

Joe Biden will win reelection as President of the United States – and it won’t be that close.

The Dodgers will under perform…again.

The Celtics will win the NBA championship.

Personalization across all marketing channels will become king. Days of boiler plate language are over. The companies who create content that is specific to their potential customers will win the day.

Well that’s it for me in 2023. I had a blast with you all and can’t wait for more fun in 2024!