Why companies should ditch webinars for LinkedIn Live

B2B Marketers have been using webinars for over 25 years now (Microsoft’s NetMeeting launched in 1996!) as a means to drive new leads and move them through the company’s sales funnel.

But webinars are notoriously difficult to promote and drive people to not only RSVP, but also get them to attend live. This requires all aspects of marketing to drive attendance, while pulling away from these channels daily mission to engage potential customers in the channel of their choice. 

But there is a better way that will work for most small and mid-sized businesses – and that is to host your webinars on LinkedIn Live.

Our client, Jaxon AI has conducted webinars for years. Run on Zoom (at a cost of $83/month for Zoom Sessions), they would be attended by roughly 10-20 people each session. This isn’t a bad number for a B2B AI company like Jaxon, but we felt that there had to be a better way to get more visibility around these sessions that every attendee raved about.

Starting in August, we made the decision to test LinkedIn Live sessions as a way to not only find a cheaper option, but also to increase the visibility of Jaxon as a major player in the AI space.

And it has been massively successful.

Jaxon has run two LinkedIn Live sessions. The first was on how AI can improve your marketing results. To date, this session has been viewed 226 times, which is a 1407% increase over the average Zoom webinar.

The second session did even better. This one titled “How AI can enhance social listening” has been viewed over 721 times, an increase of 4707%!

So why is this happening? 

  • LinkedIn Live sessions sit on a company page, so your followers will get alerted when the announcement has been posted.
  • You can personally invite your LinkedIn followers to attend. 
  • Once the session has concluded, people can still access the recording (in fact, we’ve found more people listen after, rather than live

Now there are some downsides to this approach. You won’t get any email addresses for people who RSVP, but you will see exactly who RSVPs and you can go directly to their LinkedIn page and follow up. The other issue is you won’t see who watches these sessions after they have ended. This is something I hope LinkedIn addresses in the near future.

It does require software to go live on LinkedIn. We use Restream (use this link to get a $10 credit when you upgrade), which is free for the first two weeks (so you can try it out before buying), and then it is $19/month (or $16/month if you pay for a year). It is easy to set up and run and costs about $60/month less than the Zoom option.

So to recap, we have seen massive viewer growth since we have started running LinkedIn Live Events, while also saving money in the process. Inbound leads have spiked and there is more interest in Jaxon’s products. And the team is super excited to do more and more of these.

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