Who really built WeWork

Once again, my old company (office space and co-working giant WeWork) is back in the news. I’m not going to get into the financials or the prospects for the future here. What I want to talk about is the people who truly built the company.

For context, I was at WeWork for five years. Two of them under founder and CEO Adam Neumann and three of them after the IPO implosion.

What you don’t hear about in all of the crazy stories are the people who dedicated their lives to making work a drastically better experience. I have never worked with a smarter, more dedicated (and yes fun) group of people. My colleagues were all pros at what they did and came from all sectors. It was a joy to work with them.

Trying to disrupt the real estate world is incredibly difficult, and the work could be grueling at times (try selling desks at the beginning of COVID), but the team always stuck together. It’s the reason I stayed for so long – my colleagues were absolutely top notch.

So snicker at the business stories all you want, but just know that a truly amazing group of people dedicated their work lives to making work a much more enjoyable experience

I for one, think that’s an incredibly honorable thing to do.

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