Google is changing search – are you ready?

Google is planning to add SGE (Search Generative Experience) generative AI in search above page results. This will have a profound impact on the organic traffic brands are used to getting traffic from SEO. On our LinkedIn Live last week – we talked about what will happen and what brands can do in this new … Read more

Marketing predictions and more for 2024

Here are some predictions for 2024. Some of these are marketing related and others are just things I think will happen. Let me know what you think! Paid marketing will continue to cost more and drive less results. Companies will turn more and more to organic content as the main focus of their marketing strategies. … Read more

Marketing Management Analytics

Marketing management has evolved into a data-driven discipline. Gone are the days when marketing decisions were made solely on gut feeling and intuition. With the advent of technology and the rise of online marketing channels, businesses now have access to a treasure trove of data that can be harnessed to drive marketing success. This is … Read more

Tim named top marketing voice on LinkedIn

We are proud to announce that our founder, Tim Fullerton has been named a “Top Marketing Voice” on LinkedIn. Here is what time had to say on LinkedIn earlier today: “Well this was a lovely surprise today. Apparently I am now a “Top Marketing Voice” on LinkedIn! Quite a nice topper to an already crazy … Read more

Threads vs Twitter – which is better?

On Sunday, Elon Musk announced that he was letting conspiracy theorist Alex Jones back on the platform even though he has a history of pushing dangerous lies (he currently owes the families of the Sandy Hook School shooting over a billion dollars from a lawsuit they brought – none of which he has paid yet.) … Read more

How to effectively use LinkedIn

LinkedIn had a big year in 2023. The platform crossed one billion users as more and more people realized the power of using LinkedIn for personal and professional growth. Hosting this session are two social media experts with decades of experience running social platforms: Tim Fullerton (CEO of Fullerton Strategies and formerly of WeWork, Obama … Read more

Welcome Upbeat to Fullerton Strategies

We are excited to announce that the newest client of Fullerton Strategies is Upbeat! Their core mission is working with school systems to use data analytics to drive teacher retention. This is an issue we care deeply about as Tim is the son of a 40-year public school teacher. We will be helping to create … Read more

Why Marketing Should Have a Voice in Leadership Changes

Leadership changes are inevitable. However, these changes can have a significant impact on a company’s brand integrity, which is the consistency between a brand’s promise and its actions. When leadership changes occur without considering the brand’s perspective, it can lead to inconsistencies in messaging, a loss of trust with customers, and ultimately, damage to the … Read more

What happens to our National Parks during a shutdown

The federal government is days away from a full shutdown. So we thought it would be relevant to record this video on what happens to our National Parks when the government does shut down. I have first hand experience with this as I was at the Interior Department (which oversees our National Parks) when the … Read more

Questions to ask when Hiring a Social Media Manager

Hiring a skilled Social Media Manager is crucial for any business looking to maintain a strong online presence and engage effectively with its audience. To ensure you find the right candidate for the job, it’s essential to ask the right questions during the interview process. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 20 SEO-optimized … Read more