What is a Fractional CMO?

In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. One innovative solution that has emerged to help businesses navigate the complex marketing landscape is the Fractional CMO. But what exactly is a Fractional CMO? In this guide, we unravel the power and potential of Fractional CMOs, shedding light on their role, … Read more

Your Twitter account dies with you – it shouldn’t

Today, Elon Musk announced that Twitter is going to begin purging inactive accounts. Along with accounts that were set up and never Tweeted, they will also begin removing accounts from the deceased. Meaning all of their old Tweets, videos, and photos will be permanently deleted, with no way to access them. Removing inactive accounts with … Read more

Bluesky – The Twitter killer we’ve been waiting for?

Over the last week or so, a new potential Twitter-killer called Bluesky has emerged and it seems like everyone is talking about it, but very few people actually have been invited into their beta launch. Fortunately for me, I was invited in on Sunday night. And having spent a little more than a day on … Read more

How the Interior Instagram grew to 1 million

Last week, I wrote about the first social media account I created that reached 1,000,000 followers. Today, I’m going to tell you how I did it. When I joined the U.S. Department of the Interior as Director of Digital Strategy – there wasn’t much of a social program. We had a Facebook page and a … Read more

Why Twitter’s Decision to End Verified accounts is a Bad Idea

On April 1, 2023, Twitter announced that it would be ending its legacy verified blue checkmark program. This means that any account that was verified under the old system will no longer have their blue checkmark (including the one yours truly has had since 2016). This is a very bad idea for several reasons. First, … Read more

Joe Biden uses influencers and so should you

Axios came out with a really interesting article this weekend about how the Biden team are using influencers to get their message out both from the White House and the soon to be announced reelection campaign.  The Biden team understands that many people (including younger voters they need to turn out in massive numbers in … Read more

The Power of ChatGPT: How Small Agencies Can Act Big

As someone who has recently started their own marketing agency, I have been amazed by how emerging tools like ChatGPT are changing the game for smaller agencies like mine. These tools have allowed me to level the playing field with larger agencies by dramatically increasing my productivity, enabling me to complete a much greater volume … Read more

Welcome Jaxon AI to Fullerton Strategies

We are thrilled to announce our first client, Jaxon AI! Jaxon builds productivity tools for data scientists, which allows them to bring model systems to production faster. They have worked on many amazing projects (they helped the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) map the U.S. Caribbean sea floor – saving months of manual work.) We are proud … Read more

Are businesses doing enough about gun violence?

I joined i24 News’ Business Beat to discuss guns in America and what businesses are doing to help stop gun violence. The answer is more encouraging than you might think. The fact is there are several major corporations (including Dick’s Sporting Goods) that have either stopped selling certain guns or are requiring a completed background … Read more

Welcome to Fullerton Strategies!

I’m Tim Fullerton, President and CEO. For the last 20 years, I’ve led in-house marketing and branding teams for high profile organizations in all sectors. I worked on the first Obama presidential campaign, then as a political appointee in the U.S. government, where I harnessed the power of social media early when I started the … Read more